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Support for children in our care

How we support children in our care in Derbyshire.

Every child or young person in our care has to have their care arrangements reviewed regularly and independently by law.

This is to make sure that their care plans are being followed and the child’s wishes and feelings are being taken into account.

The independent reviewing officer for your care will help you have your say. They'll also help you contact an advocate if you're unhappy about your care.


Every child or young person in our care will be consulted about contact with their birth parents or extended family.

The court may stipulate what this contact should be. Independent reviewing officers will regularly look at contact with family of the child as part of their review.

Coming into care booklet

A booklet designed for children and young people in Derbyshire to help answer some of your questions about being ‘looked after’ and provide you with details of people you can contact can be found at the bottom of this page. If you would like this in a printed booklet, ask your social worker or carer and we can provide this.

Virtual School

Derbyshire's Virtual School was launched in September 2014 to enhance the life opportunities for Derbyshire Children in Care by supporting and promoting the importance of their education and enabling them to achieve the best they can.

The vision is to improve the lives of all the children and young people in our care through nurturing, empowering and inspiring them in partnership with all their supporters.

The Virtual School is a team of educational professionals working alongside schools and settings to ensure we all provide the best education provision for children and young people in Derbyshire’s care. We are a local authority service and work closely with our social care colleagues to emphasise the importance of education and training in young people’s lives.

Children and young people will remain on the roll of the school or setting they attend, with the Virtual School offering support, guidance and training. We ensure that schools and educational services are effectively informed and co-ordinate excellent support for children and young people in care. We are committed to our children getting the best opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

Our children and young people will become:

  • successful learners
  • responsible citizens
  • creative thinkers
  • reflective individuals

We are ensuring:

  • all children and young people in our care feel nurtured, valued and supported in their learning and will fulfil their aspirational goals and ambitions
  • children and young people help shape the Virtual School and the wider services for all children in care
  • an improved sense of corporate parenting, social education and a shared responsibility for our children in care
  • every school and educational setting is empowered and confident to meet the needs of children and young people and provide tailored support enabling progress and success
  • the educational gap between children and young people in care and those who are not will be closed

For more information please email:

Children's rights service

We provide lots of ways for children in care to have your say, our aim is to ensure that you have the information that you need to make decisions and to let people know your views and feelings. You can contact us by email: or tel: 01629 532029.

CiCC and participation

If you're 'in care' you could join the Children in Care Council which gives you a place to have your say and help yourself and other children and young people in care. For more information, email:

Independent advocacy

If you're a vulnerable child or young person you can have an ‘independent advocate’. This is someone who'll work with you to represent your views to decision makers and, if you need it, help you to make complaints. An advocate will come and meet you where is best for you and at a time that suits you.

Advocacy aims to empower children and young people to ensure their views are heard when decisions are being made. Advocates have annual safeguarding training and have a criminal record check every 3 years.