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You can find out who your local county councillor is and how to contact them on Derbyshire Democracy.

Registers of councillors' interest and hospitality received

All county councillors and co-opted members are required by law to complete a declaration of interest form to register their (and their spouse or civil partner's) disclosable pecuniary or personal interests. They are also required to register hospitality and gifts received.

Interests include:

  • details of any employment or business carried out by them
  • the name of their employer
  • details of any sponsorship received
  • contracts between themselves/their firm and the council
  • interests in land in the area

All members must register any gifts or hospitality over the value of £50.

If you would like to inspect the register of gifts and hospitality, you can do so by contacting Helen Barrington, Director of Legal Services who will make the necessary arrangements, email:

Members allowances scheme

All our elected councillors and co-opted members appointed to certain committees are paid allowances.

You're entitled to know exactly how much each councillor receives and the type of allowances they're paid.

The level of the allowance is recommended by an independent panel made up of suitable people from outside the council.

Some councillors may also be paid an extra amount, known as a special responsibility allowance, for their work in an important post. For example, the Leader of the Council, cabinet member and the chairman and vice chairman of different committees.

Both the basic and special responsibility allowances are taxable and subject to National Insurance.

Travel is payable to councillors on official duties. The vast majority of expenditure is for travel to and from County Hall in Matlock.

The variation in payments between councillors tends to reflect both how far they live from County Hall and the different roles they have on the council.

We have a legal obligation to publish an annual statement of basic, special and attendance allowances paid to councillors during a financial year. This also includes travel and subsistence allowances.

The most recent members allowances summary is attached to this page. If you need payments details for previous years please contact Mary Cundy, email