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Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in line with government guidelines, Derbyshire Registration Offices are running a slightly reduced service.

The following offices are open to the public, strictly by appointment only, in order to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and keep everyone safe:

  • Chesterfield Register Office
  • Ashbourne Registration Office
  • Bakewell Registration Office
  • Buxton Registration Office
  • Ilkeston Registration Office
  • Ripley Registration Office
  • Swadlincote Registration Office

Please do not attend at any of our offices without a pre-booked appointment because we'll not be able to see you. Only those who are required for the purposes of the appointment may attend at our office in line with COVID-19 guidance and in order to keep everyone safe.

To register a death or still-birth

Please telephone one of our offices to arrange a telephone appointment to register a death or still-birth.

The doctor who has completed the medical certificate of cause of death will scan the certificate to us so you should not attend at the medical practice or hospital to collect it.

Birth registration appointments

While we're able to offer a limited number of birth registration appointments at our offices, we ask parents to be very patient due to the high demand. If you do not need a birth certificate urgently, please contact us to arrange an appointment after the lockdown period.

The legal requirement for you to register your baby within 42 days is not being upheld during this unprecedented situation.

You can still apply to claim Child Benefit or Universal Credit without a birth certificate.

If your baby was born in Derbyshire you can register at any of the Derbyshire Offices listed, whereas if your baby was born in Derby you can only register at the Ashbourne, Ilkeston or Swadlincote offices – all appointments are subject to availability.

You can also register your new baby with a doctor without providing a birth certificate if you have the child's red book or their NHS number.

If you book an appointment at any of our offices, you will be reminded that only the person(s) legally needing to be present for the appointment will be given access to the office due to covid health and safety restrictions so please do not bring babies or other children/people, to the offices.  If you do not have childcare available to you, please postpone your appointment to a later date to help us keep everyone safe.

Marriages, civil partnerships or other ceremonies

Government have confirmed that wedding and civil partnership ceremonies will resume for everyone on 29 March 2021.

There is a phased approach to opening ceremonies:

  • step 1 - from 29 March 2021 wedding and civil partnershi9p ceremonies will resume with a legal limit of six attendees
  • step 2 - from 12 April 2021 the legal limit will increase to 15 attendees
  • step 3 - from 17 March 2021 the legal limit will increase to 30 attendees
  • step 4 - from 21 June 2021 all restrictions may be removed

However, proceeding to each step will be guided by data not dates and the four tests set out on the government roadmap.  One week’s notice is planned to be provided before any step is taken.

Although the ‘six’, ‘15’ and ‘30’ attendees excludes the registrars and other staff, the social distancing capacity of the room is key in terms of how many people can be in the room two metres apart from each other. This calculation must include every person in the room which may mean the number of attendees will have to be reduced to allow for the social distancing capacity of the registrars and other staff in the ceremony room.

Please note that ceremonies can only take place in venues which are permitted to be open detailed in the government about closing certain businesses and venues and also reopening businesses and venues.

Notice of marriage and notice of civil partnership appointments

Appointments for Derbyshire residents can be made for urgent notices of marriage and notices of civil partnership at any of the offices listed on this page. 

Citizenship ceremonies

Due to the pandemic situation, the period in which you can attend your citizenship ceremony has been extended from 3 to 6 months. The Home Office have confirmed that delays caused by the outbreak will not affect your application. The current process is:

  1. Once your application has been processed the Home Office will send you a notification letter informing you that your application has been successfully completed and that you will be receiving an invitation letter to attend a ceremony in due course.
  2. Please await your invitation letter before contacting the register office because registrars will not be able to assist you unless you have your Home Office invitation letter to hand.
  3. When you receive your Home Office invitation letter please contact Chesterfield Register Office tel: 01629 533111 to book your Citizenship Ceremony.
  4. Only the prospective citizen may attend (unfortunately no guests will be permitted) and the ceremony will be as short as possible to reduce the risk of infection.